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Kick’in with kiwi

Become a Kicking Superstar!

Work on your technique, as a beginner or an advanced athlete needing more kick in the toolkit.

37 years of experience coaching and playing ball kicking sports, and at a representative level in Soccer, AFL, Rugby and Gaelic. I know what it takes to get the ball moving well from your foot.

Book a session, either as an individual or for your whole team, and let Coach Kiwi help improve your technique.

Break Through the

With Almost 40
years of kicking
sports experience

AFL, Soccer,
Gaelic, Rugby

Former Rep Player
and Current Rep

Female Coach
Female Hips

Learned Movement

Join Team LMR

CoachKiwi23@gmail com

Mob: 0424 18 5472

Kick’in with Kiwi
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