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About me :


Growing up in New Zealand, I spent a lot of time outside, on the farm or playing sports.  Always with a little competitiveness, either in tight races with my cousins, or trying to keep up with the boys in a neighbourhood game of rugby or ball tag.  If no one was around, then I would spend hours on my own with a soccer ball, often copying the moves of the greats like Cruyff, Hoddle, Linekar and even Michelle Akers.

My life has always been around sports, in a playing or coaching capacity, or off-field roles like identifying talent, setting up new clubs, seeking sponsorship's and even providing uniforms or training equipment.  If I had to spend time inside, it was probably watching a game on telly, or reading coaching books before everything seemed to go online.

Playing and Coaching are what I've done the most of, and still enjoy doing, now about 40 years competitive playing and 30 years coaching.

My first foray into coaching was as a 19 year old, in a fulltime course run by the NZ Sports Commision, learning how to coach multiple sports. Perhaps then I did not realise just how important those skills were and how often I have used them since. I very much appreciate the many skills we can attain from other sports to enhance our own, and to create some more interesting sessions.

A few years after I graduated that course, I started working in a gym, and gaining my personal trainer qualification. Over the years I have often put the two together and offering my players a gym based program to compliment their sport development on the field.

I've played Soccer, Rugby, Softball, Cricket, Bmxing, Baseball, Dragon Boating, Skateboarding, Tae Kwon Do, Outrigging Canoe, Touch football, Gaelic football, AFL, and Compromise rules (a mash of AFL and Gaelic), and managed to make the state/provincial rep team for a bunch of those.

I've been fortunate in my time to work with some High Performance coaches and Academy development players, learning from the elite level. Add that to the years of being influenced by many different types of coaches and I feel I have something to share that many may gain from.

As a coach, I have mostly been involved with soccer and AFL teams, the majority of that with youth girls representative teams. I am passionate about females playing sport, and getting good coaching to find the best in them.  I am always reading articles, attending courses and keeping an eye out for the next best way we can develop our training programmes or specific techniques to use in the sessions.

After gaining my Australian State Level coaching badge for Soccer, I retired and took up AFL. Playing a few seasons before again finding myself in the coaches box.  More recently in AFL I have coached at State Representative level, Sydney Premier Womens division, Next Gen Academy, VFLW, NAB League, and Masters Women in Victoria.  You may also hear me providing special comments for Womens Australian Rules Football Radio, (WARF Radio) or on the Giants Women Say AFLW podcast.

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